Connecting my PSP/Payment Gateway?

How to connect a payment service provider like Stripe, Square, or Adyen

1. Setting up a Hands In Account


Square Account

  • Merchant must have an existing Square account or is willing to create a Square account
  • Must be based in the United Kingdom, or the United States (please note that Square limits a merchant to only accepting a single currency)

Hands In currently run integration manually and integration can only be done by the Hands In development team.

1.1 How to Set up a Hands In Account.

Merchants interested in onboarding with Hands In can register for an account by completing the form below. Details captured from the form will be used by Hands In to create an internal Hands In merchant account on your behalf. API keys and access can be provided to your team by sending a request to [email protected].

Here is a link to the Hands In Onboarding form.

2. Connecting your payment gateway

To integrate with the Hands In API, Square merchants need to give the Hands In development team access to the merchant square account. This can be done in two ways.

2.1.1 A square merchant with a Team plus account:

Square Merchants with a team plus account can add Hands In email “[email protected]” as a team member on the square platform giving Hands In a Full Access team member role to be able to create a group checkout button on the checkout page of the square website.

Here is a link on how to create a full access team member.

Youtube video on how to create a full access team member:

2.1.2 Square Merchant without a Team plus account:

The merchant provides the merchant account details on the square platform. The development team will log in to this account to set up the integration process. The merchant's email address and square password are required. The account details should be changed when integration is done.