Embedding Hands In checkout button on your page

Embedding the checkout button

Depending on whether you have a self-hosted or fully-hosted platform the method in which we embed the checkout may differ. Learn the difference between self-hosted and fully-hosted here.


Either your technical team or the Hands In support team will integrate the Hands In Checkout API here, directly into the backend service of your checkout system. This will enable group checkouts to be dynamically created.


The Hands In support team will embed the button upon request at [email protected]

Depending on your e-commerce platform, the embedding process for the Hands In checkout button will vary.

If you are unable to dynamically provide checkout parameters (don’t have enough control over your own checkouts), Hands In provides statically generated checkouts which have predetermined baskets (A customer can still edit their basket to change quantities and but they are unable to add additional new items that aren’t in the predetermined basket).