How does Hands In process refund requests?



πŸ’‘ To understand the refund process, it is important to **note** the following;
  • Customers can only request a refund through the merchant (you).
  • A group payment must be in a complete state.
  • The merchant reserves the right to approve or reject the request based on agreed or already stated terms.

fig 1.1 Refund process flow.

Stage 1: Customer requests for refund.

The customer requests a refund for their purchase with the merchant. If this purchase was made using hands in and the merchant approves the refund (whether it is a group refund or a single payment refund) then the merchant can request Hands In to process this refund.

Stage 2: The merchant sends a refund request to Hands In.

If the merchant approves a refund request, this form can be used to request Hands In to process the refund.

The refund request requires information such as the group payment ID and a description of the refund. It can also include the reason for the refund which will be passed on to the customer through the refund email receipt.

Stage 3: Hands In processes the request

Hands In will confirm if the group payment was successful or not. If it was not successful, a refund fails. If it is successful, the payment details of the transaction are retrieved, and a refund process is initiated internally.

If the whole group is being refunded each member's transaction will be refunded and then a digital receipt of the group refund transaction is sent to the merchant as well as individual receipts for each member.

Refund Process Independent of Hands In

Merchants can also decide to process their refund requests independent of Hands In. The merchant can refund customers directly on the stripe dashboard. Discretion and confirmation of refund receipts are thereby provided by the merchant.